About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of undergraduate students passionate about the advancement in the education of pre-medical and pre-health students at California State University, San Bernardino and students in our surrounding Southern California communities.

We are the Medical and Pre-Health Student Society (MAPSS) at California State University, San Bernardino. We are a collection of officers of various pre-health and pre-medical clubs on our campus that want to provide opportunities for those who have a passion and strong desire to go into medicine or a healthcare career, but haven’t been given that opportunity.


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Our Mission

The mission of the Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Conference at Cal State San Bernardino is to provide pre-medical and pre-health students with invaluable information, resources, and opportunities to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their commitment to becoming healthcare professionals. By providing this conference to all interested students in Southern California, we hope to create an atmosphere where students are more encouraged and inspired to graduate and help those in need in their community and around the world.


  • To promote the health sciences and the various career opportunities in healthcare
  • To increase student knowledge in applying to medical, graduate, and health science schools
  • To encourage and increase retention and graduation rates of pre-medical and pre-health students
  • To provide networking opportunities with employers, universities, guest speakers, student organizations, hospitals, internships, and community service organizations
  • To increase the ethnic diversity of students pursuing a career in healthcare
  • To create an opportunity for students to reach out into the community through student clubs and local organizations committed to the health and wellness of the community
  • To encourage awareness of the problems affecting healthcare policy and healthcare reform
  • To advocate for the expansion of the health sciences on the California State University, San Bernardino campus

University Impact

Why at Cal State San Bernardino you may ask. Well, like CSUSB, this conference wishes to promote the availability and profitability of healthcare professions to the pre-medical and pre-health student body of CSUSB and throughout Southern California. With the growing healthcare disparity crisis and a critical shortage of “culturally sensitive” primary care physicians in California, particularly in the Inland Empire, CSU, San Bernardino is an ideal location to bring awareness to future health care professionals.

Student Impact

While attending the conference, students will be armed with the opportunity to attend speaker sessions, engage in interactive workshops, and connect with other students related to their field of interest. In addition, this conference will seek to increase and expand the healthcare majors under the College of Natural Sciences where students are more confident to pursue, and complete, a degree to prepare them for a career in the biological sciences (healthcare, research, and medicine).

Community Impact

This conference aspires to provide exposure to California State University, San Bernardino and its progress to the enhancement of the quality of life of the surrounding community. This conference also seeks to inspire students in the city of San Bernardino and in Southern California to pursue their education in the health sciences. There is an imperative need for our university to deliver an effective and knowledgeable class of students prepared to affect the change of healthcare to produce a more efficient model that will serve our community and country for the future. This type of commitment involves providing students with the capability and confidence to reach out into his or her respective community to create a resonating and lasting impact.