"Welcome to the website for the Pre-Medical & Pre-Health Conference hosted at California State University, San Bernardino!"

Here you will find information about workshops, speakers, and how to register for one of the greatest events to come to the Inland Empire to help you become a more competitive applicant!


Being an agent of health requires, above all else, a passion to serve all. It goes beyond all of the fortune you may receive and beyond all the fame you may achieve. People will look to you as a knowledgeable, respectful, and empathetic human being who will try to help them live a better life.

These are qualities that many medical institutions are looking for in their applicants. Students, future medical professionals, that are able to speak to patients without bias or prejudice, while being altruistic in their ability to care for the patient.

As a participant of this conference, we hope that your passion for helping people becomes more refined and strengthened as you continue your educational career in pursuit of a degree or certification in a health care profession.


Healthcare in our nation is drastically changing and with the new healthcare reform legislation on its way, many more people will be insured and needing more medical attention. As it stands, the ratio of primary care physicians to the population of the Inland Empire is about 40:100,00, which is far below the nation’s average of about 65 to 80 per 100,000.

In the Inland Empire, Hispanics comprise about 45% of the population, and is projected to rise to 49% by 2020, but only 12% of registered nurses (RNs), the largest healthcare occupation in the region, are of Hispanic origin.

This is one reason why we are having the conference at Cal State San Bernardino. With it’s outstanding nursing program, CSUSB has shown it’s dedication to promoting healthcare careers in the Inland Empire.



Many factors in the community affect and influence the healthcare industry. One very important factor is the diversity of not only the population where we live, but the diversity of the people that are serving the community in healthcare.

A study conducted for the Inland Empire looking at the healthcare industry & occupations found that at the regional level, “demographic factors such as an expanding population and increased diversity of communities are creating an impetus for growth of key healthcare occupations and necessitate a more representative healthcare workforce.”

We at the Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Conference are making it a priority to assist in increasing the diversity amongst healthcare professionals in the Inland Empire by providing workshops, opportunities for participants to speak to colleges and universities about their programs at a Health Profession’s Fair, and to encourage students to realize their goals through higher education.